SolarWinds Virtualization Manager – Simplify Your Business With a Quality Managed Switch

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager – Simplify Your Business With a Quality Managed Switch

Solar Winds Virtualization Manager is a free tool that runs on Windows Server with HyperV and Amazon EC2. It is an open-source project of Sun Microsystems. It was designed for servers and keeps cost low, especially when used with Togglebox. The program can manage server processes, containers, virtual environments and network configurations.

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager is a cloud-based tool that monitors, allocates, configures and utilises virtualisation resources of servers. It is ideal for controlling virtual machines, managing multiple virtual servers and works as a virtualisation manager. The tool offers four different options for server monitoring. It provides the following features:

This option monitors the total CPU usage, the number of active users and memory usage. It also shows the amount of disk space used by each user and allocated memory. Memory monitoring is essential to allow administrators to optimise overall system performance. An efficient virtual environment minimises the need to tweak the servers in detail.

This is a free tool that offers the ability to manage hypervisor, operating systems and virtualisation. It displays the overall resource usage and compares it with what’s provided in the virtual machine. This is an ideal way to test new virtualisations in the live environment. Another advantage is the fact that it offers the ability to track the health of virtual machines. You can also determine the most efficient time to perform critical tasks. This is a must when running production applications since it allows you to identify bottlenecks and improve performance quickly.

A capacity planning dashboard is provided with this application, which is very useful for all types of VDI’s. It allows the administrator to visualise and analyse the workloads of servers. It helps in planning future workloads and resource allocation. If you have complex VDI, you can also use this feature. It helps you keep your VDI’s elastic in terms of CPU and RAM availability.

C can analyse the SolarWinds Virtualization Manager’s historical data to determine why the excessive or under-utilization of specific virtual servers. It also monitors the amount of time used by background services. If there are performance issues, the capacity planning dashboard will show the problems.

This is another valuable tool with the SolarWinds Virtualization Manager. It integrates all the tools of Solarwinds to gather analytical, historical data and make intelligent decisions. One such decision is to determine the number of logical resources that the VeaAM agents will use. The main aim is to keep the agents as lightweight as possible, and s should keep the number of servers as small as possible. If more than one server is needed, then the Virtualizer will use all the servers available.

SolarWinds offers the following monitoring capabilities in its free version: Virtual Machine Information Analysis, Agent Monitoring Capability, Inventory Management, Performance and Agents, Real-time Alert Conditions, Recovery and Failover, Status alerts and Status Message Logging. With these capabilities, you will get a clear picture of your system resources and will be able to analyse the reason for the poor performance. The agent monitoring capability of SolarWinds will help you to send alerts automatically to the central database. You can receive signals from critical events immediately. You can activate or deactivate the virtual machine monitoring capabilities of the SolarWinds Virtualization Manager.

In addition to the detailed performance traces, you can also get detailed information about critical conditions. The Virtualization Manager has a built-in charting facility that allows you to get performance charts and critical conditions graphs. You can select the different chart types and view the dashboards in the Installation Wizard. The other maps display summary information about the event. The topmost graph column shows the Name, Description, Target Performance Indication Level, Target Number of System Events, Target Percentage of Event Success, Target Percentage of Event Stop Time and Event Finish Time.

The SolarWinds Virtualization Manager provides a Citrix compatible viewer with drag and drop feature for installing the virtualization software on your desktop. It is designed to be easily installed and uncomplicated to use. The viewer enables you to view all events simply and select the columns for summary information.

SolarWinds has four (4) different options for managing VMs. It can run virtual Machines on dedicated servers, which will cause an increase in server costs. Vc can run virtual machines on a physical server or a virtualized server. Can use virtual private servers for smaller-scaled applications. You can also create your own personal VPS, allowing you to control and monitor your servers from a command-line interface.

Virtualisation provides a level of isolation for applications while allowing multiple parties to be involved in a shared system. With a Citrix based system you need to maintain technical support for every application and can be very costly. With virtualization and Cloud servers you can scale up or down as needed without requiring technical support. With a robust monitoring system, you can guarantee the most economical and scalable method for any business need.

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