How to Open BitLocker Encrypted Drive on macOS

This article will show you how to read/write BitLocker encrypted drives on macOS. It’s easy to encrypt your hard drive or USB flash drive using BitLocker protection on Windows. This will only allow authorized users to view sensitive data. What if you need to access encrypted data on a Mac computer? BitLocker isn’t supported on Mac, so this means that you can’t open BitLocker drives on Mac. There is a way around it. You can use BitLocker encrypted drives on Mac.

To gain access to BitLocker encrypted drives, you can use a third-party tool. One such tool is macOS BitLocker readerOpens in a new tab. by Cocosenor. This software works with Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. It allows users to unlock many storage devices such as external hard drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, etc. You can use the recovery key or encryption password file to unlock your Mac’s storage devices. It supports FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS file systems.

MacOS BitLocker Reader – Unique Features

Cocosenor macOS BitLocker reader is the easiest way to unlock BitLocker drives on Mac OSX and Mac OSX. In addition, the BitLocker drive can safely data transferred between the Mac and drive is protected.

Open/Read/Write BitLocker Drive for Mac

This BitLocker reader allows you to open BitLocker encryption drives on your Mac computer exactly as with Windows. You can access the contents as freely on Windows as you can after decryption.

Unlocking the BitLocker Drive: Two Ways

The macOS BitLocker Genius is very user-friendly and offers two methods to unlock your BitLocker drive. To decrypt the drive, you can enter the password. To mount the drive, if you forget your password, you can use the recovery key file. To unlock the drive, you can use either one.

Encrypted Data Doesn’t Cause Any Damage.

The macOS BitLocker Reader is only used to connect the encrypted drive to the Mac. The drive and Mac will not be affected by the data loss. This software can’t open BitLocker drives if you don’t have the password or recovery keys.

Steps to Open BitLocker Drive for Mac

Step 1: Download the free softwareOpens in a new tab. now and install the macOS BitLocker reader on your Mac.

Step 2: Open the software, connect BitLocker to your Mac, and ignore the alert.

Step 3: Select your drive and click on the Unlock button.

Step 4: You can enter your password or import the recovery file when prompted to unlock the window. Click the Mount button.

Step 5: After the drive has been encrypted, you can access the files and folders you need to complete your task.

You should make sure that you close all files and folders after you have finished content management. Next, click the Eject button in the top pane. This will protect your drive data securely.

Last words

Cocosenor macOS BitLocker Reader makes a great purchase due to its simplicity of use and stability on Mac. It also provides a convenient way to access BitLocker drive information on macOS or Mac OSX. In addition, it will make file transformation faster for cross-platform users.

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