Download Monterey VMDK

This article will guide you on how you can download macOS Monterey VMDK directly on your personal computer. After you’ve got the image downloaded, you can install using VirtualBox and VMware Workstation. This most recent version of macOS Monterey is still in beta, making it work independently but highly functional. If you want to download the macOS Monterey VMDK file, we’ll provide some choices, and you can download our hosted google drive or community links.

What exactly is what is a VMDK file?

VMDK (short for Virtual Machine Disk) is the name given to a file format that is used to describe storage containers. It holds virtual drives and can be utilized with virtual machines like VMware Workstation or VirtualBox.

Initially developed by VMware to facilitate its virtual appliance software VMDK was made in an open format in 2011. It is one of the disk designs used as part of the Open Virtualization Format for virtual appliances.

The maximal VMDK size is usually two TB. However, that was increased in September 2013 with VMware VSphere 5.5 launched the 62TB VMDK capacity.

Mac Systems that support macOS Monterey

2015 and up MacBook Pro

2016 and later MacBook

2018 and later MacBook Air

2017 and after iMac

2018 and after Mac mini

2019 and after that Mac Pro

Are you able to convert your existing ISO into VMDK format? 

Yes, many operating systems using the ISO format can be changed into VMDK format. VMDK file. For step-by-step instructions, you can check out this How to convert ISO to VMDK video on YouTube.

Download macOS Monterey VMDK – Direct Links

If you’re looking to get macOS Monterey as a VMDK file, you can do so here. The VMDK file has been split up into 4 pieces to allow of faster and easier downloading. They are currently hosted on Google Drive.

macOS Monterey 12.0 beta 4 VMDK File

Download macOS Monterey VMDK File 1
Download macOS Monterey VMDK File 2
Download macOS Monterey VMDK File 3
Download macOS Monterey VMDK File 4

SHA256 File Checksum

If you are having issues with the installation, we suggest posting questions in the GEEKrar forum. They also have a guide on How To Install macOS Monterey On Virtualbox On Windows.

There are options to download macOS Monterey in all formats on GEEKrar.

When you have downloaded macOS Monterey VMDK, and it’s ready to be installed on a virtual platform. You can read guides on how to install macOS Monterey On VMware and install macOS Monterey On VirtualBox On Windows. These guides will lead you through the process of installing the operating system on the Windows PC.

Want the ISO format? We have that here. We also have macOS Catalina and macOS High Sierra available.

Here is how you can make your own VMDK file

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