Download macOS Monterey ISO Release Candidate

macOS Monterey is officially out, and there are many new features for users to explore. Whether you want to update your current mac or run it virtually we have the download iso file for you to test it out.

What’s new in macOS Monterey

macOS Monterey Version 12.0.1 is the release candidate. For macOS Monterey, Apple has made some tweaks since 12.0 was loaded onto new MacBook Pro models.
Registered developers can download betas through the Apple Developer Center. Once the dev profile is added, betas are available via the Software Update mechanism within System Preferences.
Apple made significant changes to Safari with the first RC. This reversal of many design tweaks made in Monterey beta testing has been left in place. Safari now displays the macOS Big Sur design by default. However, there’s a “Compact” toggle that allows you to activate the new Monterey design if you prefer it.

Although Safari rolled changes, macOS Monterey adds a lot of new features. For example, the AirPlay feature to Mac is now available and supports Tab Groups in Safari for tab organizing.
FaceTime now has spatial audio, a Portrait Mode for M1 computers, and Voice Isolation to cut out background noise. The music, links, and podcasts sent to Shared with You by people are tracked in Messages. It then highlights it in the appropriate apps. Notes now have a Quick Note feature that allows you to note down ideas quickly, and collaboration is made more accessible by mentions and the Activity View.

Shortcuts from iOS are now available for Mac. Focus is a tool that helps people focus by cutting out distractions. The updated Maps app has a lot of new features. Macs can use Live Text to detect text in photos and provide information on animals, landmarks, and plants.

Download macOS Monterey ISO

File 1 Direct Download Link macOS Monterery ISO 12.01
File 2 Direct Download Link macOS Monterery ISO 12.01
File 3 Direct Download Link macOS Monterery ISO 12.01

Complete File Size: 15.7 GB
Checksum: fd8c92cc1354bca7c075d69f44818513f1f11cd433c38d95b5e6bdb6caba96d6

Alternative Sources:

Direct Download Link macOS Monterey ISO via MediaFire (From Techrechard)

Forum Download Repository macOS Monterey ISO via Mega (From GEEKrar Forum)

Direct Download Link macOS Monterey ISO via GDrive (From KodiDB)

Download macOS Monterey Beta?

I don know why you would want the macOS Monterey Beta now that RC one is out, but here is it just in case.

Download Monterey ISO

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