Bypass Mega Download Limits with these easy steps

There are loads of free online cloud services giving storage space for free. Google DriveOpens in a new tab. and MegaOpens in a new tab. both popular services used every day by millions of people, but unfortunately, both services have download limits. They usually have strings attached like a quota limit and doing things like bypassing Mega download limits wasn’t even possible a couple years ago.

Fortunately, there is solutions, and this post will show you a method to bypass mega download limits and get those files you need now. Having a similar problem with Google drive? Geekrar wrote this genuis postOpens in a new tab. to work around the Google Drive quota exceed problem.

Useful article: Get your hands on a VMware Unlocker!Opens in a new tab.

Mega is an OG in the cloud storage game and is one of the first companies to do things right. They started hosting files with privacy at the top concern and then worked in reverse to ensure users are protected. Over the last few years, as demand picked up, they switched to encrypting the client-side raised the privacy bar to another level. With this measure, no one has access except the end-user, which is the way things should be.

With this level of security Mega is not only a leader but a preferred base for many users. This offers users a safe and straightforward to distribute files online.

Before we talk about start talking about bypass Mega download limits methods, consider checking out the paid services that Mega offersOpens in a new tab.. It’s far cheaper than many others and offers a higher level of anonymity. We need to standby industry pioneers that stand up for user privacy in a world where the opposite is expected. Even entry-level Pro-Lite service is entirely worth it, with access to a private chat, video calling, and 400GB of storage. Win-Win here. 

Okay, enough of that, let’s move on…

How to Bypass Mega Download Limits

A couple of tools are needed to get started. You will need a download manager, we’re going to use XDM, but you can use IDM or whatever your preference is. Next, we MUST USE Mega Downloader 1.8. No other version will give you a streaming URL, so grab this from a trusted source. We are sending you to GEEKRAR to grab them because they vet their files well. Below we have the links, so start by downloading them now and moving on to the first step.

Files to get:

Xtreme Download ManagerOpens in a new tab.
Mega Downloader (version 1.8)Opens in a new tab.

Step 1. Get the Mega link for the file you want to download

Step 2. In Mega Downloader 1.8, look for options and go to configuration.

Step 3. Inside the configuration window look for the streaming tab. In here, find the option called ‘Use streaming server’. Check it off, and save it.

Step 4. Back in the main window, click the Streaming menu at the top, and then go down and click on ‘Watch online’

Step 5. Get the link of the address for the file and insert it into the ‘Mega URL link’. Once done, go down to ‘Streaming URL link’, highlight it, and copy it.

Step 6. Lastly, launch Xtreme Download Manager, and paste the link inside. Begin your download, and you have just bypass Mega download limits.

Wanna watch and learn instead? Here’s a youtube video of the exact same steps which we used.

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